New Pre-Check Service for our Master Programmes

Do you know that before applying for our 3 master programmes (Embedded Systems EngineeringEuropean Master in Project Management, or Digital Transformation) all the students are highly recommended to submit the documents for a pre-check? 

This pre-check process helps us to see if you’re eligible for our master programmes. In order to make this process more effective and efficient, the Digital Education Ecosystem (DEE) Project launched the Pre-Check Service

Now the submission form can be filled out through this service, and after it is successfully checked, you will get a confirmation and instructions on how to apply further. 

So, here’s a step by step guide of what you should do: 

  1. Fill out the pre-check form on;
  2. Get confirmation and instructions for application from our colleagues; 
  3. Apply between 15th of May and 15th of July for EU citizens and from 1st April till 15th July for NON-EU citizens; 
  4. Wait for your admission and join the EuroPIM family!

Wishing you good luck, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!